专家介绍 - Bin Dai

Bin Dai,

Professor & PhD, International Business School, Sichuan International Studies University.

Research area: Corporate Finance and Accounting Theory, Investment and Financial Management for Multinational Companies.

He is an Executive Director of the International Finance and Auditing Research Center of Sichuan International Studies University, a member of the academic committee of school, a Bayu scholar of youth(a specially-appointed Professor system in higher education institutions of Chongqing region), a middle-aged backbone teacher in Chongqing universities, the Jialing Youth Scholars, a director of the Accounting Society for Foreign Economic Relations & Trade of China(ASFETC), a director of the Management Thought and Business Ethics Committee of Chinese Academy of Management, a dissertation reviewer of Degree Center in Ministry of Education, a senior member of Accounting Society of China, a senior researcher of Medical Accounting Society of China, and a national public visiting scholar of Business School of Kent State University in USA. His research focuses on corporate finance and accounting theory, investment and financial management for multinational companies, and he has published more than 30 academic articles in authoritative journals which were accepted by SCI and SSCI. He has presided over a general research project supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China and a youth project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and holds 6 research projects at the provincial and ministerial levels. He has published 2 academic monographs and worked for 2 professional teaching books as an associate editor. His scientific research achieved several awards, including the third prize of Chongqing Development Research Award, and the second prize of Chongqing Higher Education Teaching Research and Reform Outstanding Achievement Award, etc.